Top 25 Frequently Asked Questions

Property Listing Questions

Why do you offer your Services so Cheap?

We feel that everyone should be able to sell there home for an affordable price.

How do you offer your Services so Cheap?

Over the past 10 years the Real Estate business has changed with the growth and popularity of the internet.  Our agents are technologically savvy and can work with many clients at one time as opposed to the way it used to be.

Is the Listing Fee Refundable?

Once the property has been listed online with ABC Realty, the fee is NOT REFUNDABLE.  However, you can cancel your listing at any time with our company.

Why Should I use ABC Realty over another
Broker or another For Sale By Owner Company?

Another brokerage company will charge you a large fee for similar services that we are offering. A For Sale by Owner Company will not list your property on the MLS, assist in contract negotiations and provide you with the comfort of having a realtor.

How Long is the Listing Term?

The listing term is for 6 months.  You may cancel service at any time, but the fees are not refundable after the listing has been posted.

Can I cancel my Listing Contract?

You may cancel your contract at any time, but the fees are not refundable after the listing has been posted.

What is a CMA?

Before putting your home on the market or listing with a real estate agent, savvy home sellers obtain a Comparative Market Analysis, also referred to in the industry as a CMA. This gives the homeowner an estimate of what the home might sell for. This is not an appraisal.

Listing Features & Benefits

What kind of Statistics do you Offer?

Our Property Statistics page makes us one of the most informative Real Estate Company’s out in the market today.  Just Login to see how many showings you have had, clicks on & virtual tour clicks in the past month.

Why would I want a Virtual Tour?

Everyone knows the phrase a picture is a thousand words, well our virtual tours are worth 1 million.  Our tours have the ability to be 360 degrees and are completely interactive, so much that you feel that you are walking through the home on a virtual open house.

Can I have more that 5 Photos of my Home?

When photos are taken by a professional you have 15 photos posted online.  If you purchase the Basic Package and want 15 photos you can purchase the Photo Package separately.

Do you offer a Lock Box?

Yes we offer a Lock Box, the standard push button box is given to you for no charge, but there is a Deposit of $50.  When we receive the lock box back we will gladly refund you the deposit. If you are looking for extra security ensuring only realtors enter the property we recommend use of an electronic lockbox.

After You Receive Your Contract

Do you Offer Assistance when I Receive a Contract?

One of the best benefits from is that we offer contract negotiation. We take the pressure and emotion out of the offer and provide you experience to guide you through the process. There is 2 hours total     time of contract negotiation with all packages. Beyond the 2 hours there will be an additional charge. (Don't worry, we are flexible.)

What is Home Inspection Negotiation?

After the Home Inspection a Buyer might want certain items fixed or ask for a credit at closing for these items.  Our goal is to keep as much money as possible in your pocket.  There is 1 hour total time of home inspection negotiation with all packages. Beyond the 1 hour there would be an additional charge. (Don't worry, we are flexible.)

How do you offer Attorney Assistance?

We provide all of the information to the attorney including sending the contract and closing statement to the attorney. You are free to choose your own attorney, of course if you need recommendations we would be happy to provide you with a list.

Commission and Payments

How much typically is the Selling Agent’s Commission?

The Selling agent’s commission from a typical broker is 2.5%-3.0%.  Since you pay ABC Realty’s fees up front there is no additional charge at the closing.

Who pays the Buying Agent’s Commission?

The buying Agent’s commission is paid to the buyer’s agent at closing.  It is the seller’s responsibility to pay the buyer’s agent commission.  You do however, get to determine the commission amount 2% - 3%, upfront in the listing contract. If there is no buying agent then the buyer’s agent fee is retained by the seller saving you thousands and thousands of dollars.

Do I have to pay a Buying Agent’s Commission?

Since your home is professionally listed, it could attract a buyer that has no agent.  This gives you the opportunity to sell your home with no commission.  If the buyer has an agent then you are responsible for the commission.

Do I have to pay ABC Realty at the closing?

Under the Flat Fee system you do not need to pay ABC Realty any fees at closing since they are paid up front. If you decide to list under our full service system a commision would be required at closing.

What if I sign up and instead I want Full Real Estate
Service with your company?

Not a problem, the fee that was paid upfront using the flatfee system is then applied and subtracted from the commision owed at the closing. This makes it a win, win for the client.

Marketing Your Property

Do you List my home on

We will list your home on the Local MLS &, so that potential buyers can see your property for sale around the world.

Do you market my home on any other websites?

Marketing your home on other sites is very important for market place exposure. We market on,, CraigsList, Zillow and Trulia, just to name a few.

Do you charge for a Real Estate sign?

A Professional Real Estate sign is installed on your property, there is no charge for this. (This is not a cheap plastic sign that you place into the ground yourself.)  Also, you are mailed numbers to place on the sign for your TalkingProperty.

What is Talking Property?

With our Talking Property system the Real Estate Sign finally works for you.  The potential buyer drives by, calls our 1-888 number and enters in your unique extension to listen to a description of your property. 

(Please call 1-888-950-3726 right now and press ext. 9001 to listen to an example of our Talking Property)

Do you advertise in the paper?

Yes, we advertise for open houses and randomly for our clients.  However, there is no guarantee that your home will be listed in a print publication while it’s for sale. Open Houses always have a listing in the paper to attract potential buyers.

Can I show pictures of my home on the MLS?

With the Basic Package 5 pictures are taken by the home owner and emailed to with your property address in the subject line. If you choose to have more than 5 photos you can purchase the photo package as an add-on or you can choose either the Premier or Ultimate Package.

Do you conduct an Open House?

Yes, We offer a Professional Open House with the Ultimate Package. You also have the ability to purchase the Open House Package separately any time during the listing. If you choose to conduct an Open House on your own you may do so. (Few sellers understand that an open house usually does not sell that particular property. Surveys by the National Association of Realtors show that only 3 to 7 percent of homes are sold by open houses. A buyer poll showed that 41 percent of home buyers attended open houses, but fewer than 5 percent purchased a home through an open house.)

How do you offer Assistance Scheduling Appointments?

We work with you to schedule home showings simular to a full service agent. We will contact you based on your preferred contact method. After a showing occurs we then reach out to the agent or the potential buyer to get feedback on your property.


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